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  • Five cheers to the weekend! 🍻 #paperart by @paperboyo for @germanytourism
  • Korean designer @Park_Cheolsu recognizes the value of real estate across the often crowded space of a creative’s desk. The Chung-Ang University industrial design student’s SLIDE concept presents an inventive solution, incorporating the sleek transformative function of a tablet integrated into the form of a compact #keyboard. \\\ designmilk.com
  • The design of @studio_pesi’s GROUND FLOOR aims to help those falling into the one-person household category who’ve taken on a pet to help beat loneliness. With singles often living in smaller spaces, studio PESI decided to go for a two-in-one design that merges a storage shelf with a pet house, solving the lack of storage while giving a dog or cat a cozy space to call their own. 🐶🐱 designmilk.com
  • @makhno_design has designed an apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine as a space for “imperfect beauty” to thrive and created The Ukrainian Wabi Sabi. 5.0. Their main understanding of #wabisabi was this: to live a simple, conscious life, in harmony with oneself, with all other harmonies coming in gradually. \\\ designmilk.com \\\ photos by Sergio Kadulin
  • The Siro is a semi-spherical #tablelamp designed by Marta Perla for @o_luce to imitate the oblique light from the cosmos. Siro’s name derives from Sirius which means “glowing” in Greek and refers to the brightest star in the night sky, much like the white glowing interior of the lamp. \\\ designmilk.com 💫
  • To start 2020 off on the right foot with our Designer Desktop column, especially after the holiday craze, we’re bringing some zen into your life with this tranquil Escape #wallpaper designed by @CalicoWallpaper in collaboration with artist and sculptor @iamfm.

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