• Sunday still life 🌾  Sadly the foraged grass didn’t last long in an apartment with two playful cats 🙈
Hope you’re all having a lovely one x
  • My pride and joy 📖 Happy Sunday x
  • It’s easy to forget about the life that lets you live when you’re caught up in concrete and futile busyness.
  • A(nother) rainy afternoon calls for journaling and getting stuck into a new book 📖 
What have you loved reading lately? Always looking for recommendations ✨
  • “Oh, me? Nibbling on ornamental grass? Never.”
  • Sooo along with books and film cameras, I seem to have accidentally started collecting old vases. 
The beautiful one on the right is a mid-century Dumler & Breiden and I’m obsessed.

Are there fellow vase-smitten people out there?
  • Hiding underneath all that maple syrup and tahini (👌🏼 combo) is spelt porridge, banana, raspberries and cinnamon. So satisfying on these winter Sydney mornings. 
What’s your go-to breakfast at the moment? 🌻
  • No rain, no flowers 🌻 Happy Sunday, you lovely lot x
  • Perpetually jealous of cats. Imagine eating for free, not being judged for sleeping whenever you like, and not knowing what your reflection is. 
Happy Sunday, you lovely folks x
  • Anyone else lose all sense of time, purpose and bank account awareness as soon as they set foot in a homeware store? I’m like a kid in a candy shop, except the sherbet bombs are $45 mugs. 
If you want to see what I nabbed, check my stories 🧡
  • I have to admit, I did feel a biiiiit guilty stealing the Cookie Monster’s cookie, and then eating him 😬 Donut judge me
  • My favourite kind of Saturday. Sleep in, go explore with R, eat lunch out, get vegan treaties and have a cosy afternoon at home. 
What’s your ideal Saturday? ✨

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